Legalities, credit verification processes and other internal controls limit to whom and where a factor can fund:

  • Business Structure:  Most factors will only fund incorporated businesses—either C-corps, S-corps or limited liability companies (LLCs). Normally, factors will only fund invoices issued to other credit-worthy businesses, not individuals.
  • Geography:  Most factors will not fund businesses outside the United States. Likewise, factors will generally only fund invoices issued to US or Canadian-based businesses.
  • Industry:  Due to convoluted liability structures associated with these industries, most factors do not fund businesses in construction or medical care providers (specifically those that bill Medicaid, Medicare or third-party insurance carriers). However, there are a few factors who specialize solely in these niches.

Signature Small Business Loans limits its funding to US-based, incorporated businesses. Signature Small Business Loans does not fund within the construction industry or with medical care providers. Through Signature Small Business Loans's partner network, we can readily refer your business to another commercial finance provider if your business falls outside of anyone's particular funding parameters.

"Hamilton limits its funding to US-based, incorporated businesses."