Whether you’re opening additional locations in different areas or simply offering a wider variety of services or products, business expansion is an exciting time — yet equally stressful, as it can require a great deal of money. 

Let Signature Small Business Loans Capital help you with our small business expansion loans.
If you’re clear on your plans and confident the expansion will grow your revenue, then small business expansion loans from Signature Small Business Loans Capital might be right for you. We offer small business expansion loans from $5,000 to $250,000 to cover small renovations to existing space up to larger projects such as construction for an addition.
Our small business expansion loans are short term, so you can pay off the debt quickly and start realizing the profit from your business expansion. A 6-month loan is ideal if you need cash quickly, while our 12-month loan helps you implement changes immediately or over time with a full year to pay back.

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